Unit 3- North America Beckons

A large amount of money and time was spent on the exploration because of how much they want to expand on their current status during the age of exploration. With the wealth only certain people had, they were able to organize themselves into exploring the unknown parts of the world. This lead to the creation of colonies and long distance trading with people from farther places. The age of exploration opened the eyes of many and discovered the undiscovered, but it also created war.

The North American First nations seemed like they were savages to the European when they first came to meet each other. They were both civilized in their own way, but many Europeans thought that the First Nations have been living in a wrong matter and tried to change them whereas the majority of the First Nations meant no harm. Europeans were interfering too much with the First Nations and their culture.

The French and British managed to take control of North America by colonizing in certain areas and eventually expanding on their living. This expansion spread  throughout the entire continent and the countries today have the language of the people who colonized there. Even though it was only the French and British took control,  North America is 50% multicultural like Canada today.





Social Studies 9 notes made in class.

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