Unit 2- Why do revolutions happen? Use examples and be specific.

Revolutions occur mainly because of injustice and or an important need of a certain action towards aiding people. It creates a powerful impact on the area u live in. Even now, the revolutions that happened back then turned our society into who we are today. The reason for causing a revolution may include that the requirements for the people’s need were unfortunately met.

Like the French Revolution, it happened because the taxes were too high for the people to afford. Also, the monarchy were spending the needed money on themselves instead of help improving the place they ruled. The result was that the people formed a mob to overthrow the king and queen and killed them. This was for the benefit for the people who wanted the call for justice to be answered.

Though the American Revolution happened similarly yet different. They fought for independence and involved many countries around the world. After the American revolution, they transformed and became their own country. And the causes for this revolution is similar in terms of taxes but different because of acts and events such as the Boston tea party and the Boston massacre. The people basically wanted to be freed themselves from their unfair rulers.



Social Studies 9 Notes

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