Unit 2- Changes comes to Europe

What are the pros and cons of living in a democratic country?

An advantage of living under a democratic country is that people have the right to say or vote. This provides us with freedom and support towards the democratic government. Such as the liberty to have a say, many individuals are considered to be equal and each have equal rights. This makes us live in a more complex and civilized life.

There are also some disadvantages towards living under a democratic country. With the many people involved, making votes or making new law enforcement consumes a large amount of time to finally apply. The government of democracy is rather unorganized or slow even though with civilized commandments. Not every person’s saying will be heard.

Another pro would be that along with the right to say, the voices of the people could be heard, giving an opportunity  to give control to the government. Because of this, some individuals are able to at least enjoy some of the applied votes or sayings. Even if it is possible to control it, the democratic government is careful at making the right decisions and what is best for their people, even though it is not what we voted for. In the end, they only lend their ears towards the reasonable votes of the people, and them.



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