Unit 1- Geography: How did the invention of maps change our world?

Maps changed our world for the better senses of navigation. People today seem to know where to go as long as they have a map of where they’re going. If we have no maps, we will still be wondering lost on the giant world we live in. Without the invention of maps, most of the people today won’t be able to navigate their way back because of no sense of direction. The way maps are laid out today makes it easy for us to explore and find new things.

They can be considered “facts”, but can they can also be subjective because sometimes they are not sure that some lands will be the same forever. Those lands might be caught in a natural incident such as a tsunami, totally wiping out the land ceasing it to exist. But many people today see it as facts because it is true of what they mostly see in the map.  Though they can be subjective, it wont be 100% because the maps are really accurate with technologies today.

Google Maps and GPS gave the world a chance to explore and meet their destination. Even though it’s really useful at times, they’re not 100% accurate. Sometimes, they recognize certain areas as if they were the same last year. They won’t be able to realize that some streets and roads because some are constructed into something different from the road. Though GPS and Google Maps are sometimes incorrect, they do present other routes to meet someone’s destination, still making it useful for people today.




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Unit 1- Geography: How does our environment affect who we are?

People or even creatures around us has been impacted by the environment. Depending on the location and weather conditions, we tend to rely on them as a need for survival, or a supply for food such as products from plants or fish and water of the rivers. Resources such as these are needed for living, which is how our environment affects us. It may affect us directly through its resources or it may affect us through emotion. Naturally we need our environment for what it contains, but some individuals get affected emotionally, depending on the mood of the weather. For example, a young boy’s feelings are quite bright because it’s a sunny outside. It doesn’t just affects us physically.

If I were to live in an environment of just the dessert, it’d be difficult for me to live through it without being bestowed upon the primary sources of life. Because the dessert doesn’t hold much sources of food and water, it affects the way i’d live crudely. The same goes for the harsh cold areas. With its intense temperature, it can also create an impact on the way I live drastically. It might be harder to survive through the cold because it’s harder to collect food and the cold habitat makes it worse for our bodies.

Asides from the habit of living, the resources of our environment can affect us through trading and the way we live. People back then were using some good sources of the trees and sea to trade for goods, others were using the chopped parts of the tree for building houses, furniture, or unique creations. Some individuals still do this today, we sit on chairs and dine on tables. That’s how it affects the way we live.




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