Intro: How can learning about the past help us make better decisions today?

Looking back to our past could also mean learning from them such as knowing our mistakes. The past can hurt but you can only either run away from it, or learn from it. By learning from it, it can help us make better decisions today. Thus making us a more intelligent person. The more we learn, the wiser we become of future mistakes.

It can somehow resort back to the childhood, curiously touching the hot stove and getting burned from it. After the small commotion, we intend not to do it again in the future because we don’t want to hurt ourselves which is how the past can help us decide on better decisions. Realizing this habit is very useful as we mature. Our error can be our reminder to make good choices.

Other than ourselves, we can also learn from other individual’s pasts as an example for us to make a better decision. We can learn about them from studying in Social Studies. These topics might include Racism, Sexism, or even Prejudice. By learning about the famous or infamous people of these subjects, we can look back to their events to make better decisions.


#4 How To Learn From Your Mistakes

6 Tips for Making Better Decisions

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